Sunday, January 10, 2010

The UN Deception

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So many times throughout the past years many have sent me not just Videos but many, many news articles and World concerns on subjects just like this. For all those years just like everyone else. I was stuck working day in, day out not really worried about politics or news. Mostly cause I just thought is was all bad news. I didn't want to to think that anyone could actually do all this. Let alone Globally and being so deceptive about it all.

After I got hurt at work, I found myself actually having some time to look into what was really going on in the World. I was shocked at what I had found. I grew up thinking just like everyone else that we live in a free country. That we can actually make our dreams come true and that we have the opportunity to build up for ourselves a life for not just us but our families as well.

To start things off. I can just hope and pray that people will actually take some time to watch all of this. The New World Order is no joke. This is very real and today we are seeing it more and more everyday that goes by. I will also be adding more of today's new articles showing all this happening today. Be prepared and I hope that many will help wake others up just as I have. May God help us in this new World Government and the plans that they truly have for us all. Not just America but as an entire New World Global Government system. ALL in the name of Change.

If you think this isn't possible. Think again. These same exact laws are passing as we speak. Our Constitution and Our God is what make this Country Great. Lets wake up to it and hold true to what our Forefathers fought so hard and died for. Freedom!
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  1. Great Blog, thank you for the advices, we need to be informed we are not puppets, and we are not stupid, we can see what they are doing and we do not like it. And we Do pray every day for God our Lord Jesus to stop the Evil and He will.